Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez Rodriguez previously covered state politics and immigration for the Arizona Mirror.

NYT: Southwest Key execs “possibly engaged in self-dealing”

By: - December 3, 2018

The New York Times this weekend profiled Southwest Key founder Juan Sanchez and the organization he’s built. Southwest Key, a nonprofit, is the nation’s largest operator of shelters for immigrant children and has received $1.7 billion in federal contracts over the past decade.

Phoenix area churches have received nearly 5,000 migrant families since October

By: - November 30, 2018

A church gymnasium in Mesa was the space where more than 100 asylum-seeking men, women and children from Guatemala and Honduras arrived Wednesday evening after spending several days in federal custody.

MCSO: Employee at closed Southwest Key shelter dragged girl by the leg

By: - November 27, 2018

An allegation of child abuse at a West Valley Southwest Key facility involved an employee who dragged a girl by her leg to her to bed, according to a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office incident report obtained by the Arizona Mirror. The federal government suspended operations at that shelter the day after MCSO responded to the […]

When asylum-seekers are turned away at border, migrants are more vulnerable

By: - November 27, 2018

A report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General in late September pointed to a likely unintended consequence of turning back asylum-seekers at ports of entry, which is happening now in Tijuana.


Sinema, Yee are firsts; but does Arizona’s legislature look like the state?

By: - November 21, 2018

Arizona’s legislative body will have firsts as well: Jennifer Longdon, a Democrat from District 24, is the first legislator who uses a wheelchair full-time, and Walter Blackman, from District 6, is the state’s first ever black Republican legislator.

‘Birther’ case against new legislator tossed out of court

By: - November 14, 2018

A judge ruled Wednesday there’s no legal basis to the claim that representative-elect Raquel Terán is unfit to serve in the Arizona Legislature because she is not a U.S. citizen.

Raquel Terán press conference

‘An ugly tactic’: Lawsuit questions citizenship of future Latina lawmaker

By: - November 9, 2018

Alice Novoa, a resident of a small community near Douglas, filed the lawsuit with Maricopa County Superior Court on Nov. 5. Novoa presented no evidence that Raquel Terán is not an American citizen in her lawsuit.

Gallego, Valenzuela will face off in March runoff for Phoenix mayor

By: - November 7, 2018

Former city councilmembers Kate Gallego and Daniel Valenzuela will face each other in a runoff election for Phoenix mayor after Gallego took a massive lead but fell short of the majority she needed to win outright. A runoff election for the mayor’s race is scheduled for March 12, where voters in districts 5 and 8 […]

Top of the ticket candidates in Arizona make their case in Spanish

By: - November 5, 2018

When canvassers with Unite Here Local 631 told Maria Aguilar she should vote for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, the Maryvale homeowner was quiet for a moment while she tried to place the name to a face. “Oh yes, it’s the güerita who’s on, who speaks Spanish,” Aguilar said in Spanish, using the Mexican slang for blonde or light-skinned woman.

migrant families

More migrant families are showing up on the border

By: - November 1, 2018

More adults are choosing to migrate with their children to the U.S., data from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol shows. Fiscal year 2018 hit a record in number of family members arrested by Border Patrol at 107,212, the highest figure since at least 2012.

Where McSally, Sinema stand on detention of migrant families

By: - October 29, 2018

Critics call them baby jails. To U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Executive Associate Director Matthew Albence, they’re more like a summer camp.

Southwest Key to freeze placement of migrant children in AZ shelters, close 2 locations

By: - October 24, 2018

Southwest Key will stop accepting new migrant minors at all of its child-care facilities in Arizona and will shut down two of its 13 shelters in the state, according to the terms of a settlement reached between the company and the Arizona Department of Health Services.